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Castrol Classic and PL Motors

PL Motors is very proud to announce the inclusion of the Castrol Classic Range to the business. We have been awarded the right to use and distribute the range of products recently made available in South Africa by Castrol Classic.

For many years now there has been a void in the availability of the correctly formulated oil with correct viscosities for our classic cars as was originally developed and recommended by the vehicle manufacturers.

As technology has advance, we have been forced to use the lubrications that have been developed for the modern engines manufactured. These have different temperature and pressure values to what is required by our beloved classic cars. The oil galleries are also narrower and hence the oils have become thinner. Our beloved classics still need the original specification oils that were designed according to their requirements.

Hence, Castrol Classic have made them available to us, rigidly conforming to those original lab specifications.

The range also includes gearbox oils, differential oils, high performance oils for engines and gearboxes. And a sigh of relief, also a Lead Replacement Additive from the Classic Range. We can now give our “old girls” what they need with or without octane booster. We have found that by using this product, the engine runs cooler and quieter.

We will be using these products as standard procedure when servicing and maintaining your classic car. We also have convenient 1 litre bottles of the oils as well as easy to use Lead Replacement bottles that have measurement graduations and can transform 250 litres of fuel into the healthiest juice for your classic beauty.

We have never been more pleased to make the best “nourishment” for your classic car available to you.

PL Motors – Reviving the Classics

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