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1980 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II

In 2016, we were requested to complete a cosmetic restoration on a Shadow II that had been standing in a collection for a number of years.The brief was – colour change on exterior, restore interior with grey leather and red carpeting with grey piping. Along with the colour change of the interior, the roof lining also had to be replaced with grey leather. Furthermore, the woodwork was restored to a brilliant colour and quality.

As with all restorations, the colour choices and cosmetic treatments are to the clients’ specifications. The standard rims and ventilated hubcaps were replaced with a later style wheel.

The result, as you can see from the photographs, is a shinning light blue metallic Shadow II that is now back with the owners. An incredible amount of time (and money) went into this restoration, but the end result was more than beautiful on completion.

Another revival of a classic that we can be proud of!

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