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Castrol Classic and PL Motors

PL Motors is very proud to announce the inclusion of the Castrol Classic Range to the business. We have been awarded the right to use and distribute the range of products recently made available in South Africa by Castrol Classic.

For many years now there has been a void in the availability of the correctly formulated oil with correct viscosities for our classic cars as was originally developed and recommended by the vehicle manufacturers.

As technology has advance, we have been forced to use the lubrications that have been developed for the modern engines manufactured. These have different temperature and pressure values to what is required by our beloved classic cars. The oil galleries are also narrower and hence the oils have become thinner. Our beloved classics still need the original specification oils [...]



Taken from the SAVVA website, this helps all collectible car owners to classify their vehicles correctly. Antique, Vintage and Classic cars have subtle but important differences, and the terms shouldn’t be used interchangeably.

Class A
Ancestor – Built prior to December 31, 1904

Class B
Veteran – Built between January 1905 & December 31, 1918
Generally the above classes are rallied together under the banner of Veteran

Class C
Vintage – Built between January 1919 & December 31, 1930

Class D
Post Vintage – Built between January 1931 & December 31, 1945

Class E
Post War – Built between January 1946 & December 31, 1960

Class F
Post 60 Built between January 1961 & December 31, 1970

Class G
Post 70 Built between January 1971 [...]

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