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The owners of the vehicles are incredibly reliant on sound technical knowledge coupled with careful consideration for their beloved motor cars. This is well understood by all the staff and there is a constant reminder that these are treasured possessions.

PL Motors have all the necessary knowledge and equipment to perform the most complicated repairs to the vehicles. Technical knowledge is drawn from experience as well as original factory literature going as far back as the early 1920’s. There is also a comprehensive computer based parts instruction manual also dating back many decades. This is so important to be able to establish the exact part required for the model so that authenticity is established and maintained. This is so important not only so that the owner can enjoy the vehicles as they should be enjoyed with original parts but also from a resale perspective.


Spares are obtained from the manufacturer on a weekly basis. For any vehicle that require a part or parts urgently, these are flown in within 72 hours so that the vehicle can be available very quickly. We pride ourselves that genuine parts are used so that the authenticity can be preserved. It is also important to know that the parts used, ensure that the manufacturers’ specifications for weight, pressure and velocity are maintained. The owner can thus enjoy the vehicle as intended by those who engineered them.

The parts also carry the manufacturers’ guarantee. So peace of mind is part of the service provided by PL Motors.